How to make the Perfect Personalised Baby Gift

You have just been notified of wonderful news that your loved one will soon be celebrating the birth of a new life. Excited, you can’t wait to set your hands on the bestest gift for the baby and mum-to-be. Creating a unique baby gift hamper sounds like the perfect idea as you can pick the items suited for the family. Indeed, making a baby gift hamper allows you to add your personal touch, from choosing contents to decorating themes. It is without doubt that your thoughtful gift hamper will be a favourite.

At My Baby Gift, we are known for creating gorgeous and special baby gifts in Singapore for over a decade. We have an array of baby gifts, such as our MyBabyGift Signature Hamper and All Personalised Hamper, beautifully embroidered with the newborn’s name, so you can definitely find your ideal one. That’s not all. For those who would like custom baby gifts, we have a great option for you to create your very own hamper with add-ons.

So, if you simply can’t wait to start designing your own baby gift hamper, hop on as we delve into the tips for making one.

The Ideal Gift for Babies and Mums-to-Be

Why a baby gift hamper? You might first wonder. As the family starts preparing for the arrival of a newborn, it often becomes chaotic, overwhelming and draining albeit anticipating it for months. So what’s a better way to show your affection and blessings than gifting a basket of practical items that eases their worries?

Gift hampers are thoughtful and useful presents that never fail to bring the family joy. Other than functional items, you can run wild with creativity by adding in bits of fun and cuteness. So, with a good collection of creatively and practically packed goodies, your gift hamper is bound to be filled with love and dearly treasured by the family. Not only that, the fact that you chose the baby gifts specially for them adds more intimacy and personalisation to it, making your gift unforgettable.

Surely, you are now all ready to start with making and choosing your very own baby gift basket. To aid you in creating a superb gift basket, here are some items that you can put in it:

– Considerate baby care: baby lotion, baby powder, diapers, baby wipes, etc.
– Useful mothering items: baby bottles, baby towels, baby blankets, pacifiers, baby thermometer, etc.
– Cute grooming items: baby hairbrush, baby nail clippers, baby cotton swabs, etc.
– Adorable baby clothing: onesies, socks, rompers, hats, etc.
– Fun baby items: plush toys, teething toys, rubber duckies, baby books, musical toys, rattles, etc.
– Surprises for Mama: champagne, food treats, personalised gifts, etc.

Personalised Baby Gift Hampers

Now, after creating a list of items for the hamper, it’s time to personalise them to make them truly special for the family. The classic way to go is to add the baby’s name on your items. You can embroider the name on items such as towels or clothes, and display in the basket right where they can be clearly seen. You can also insert letters in forms of wooden blocks, foam or stickers to the gift basket itself. Giving personalised name bracelets made from letter beads is also a DIY idea that you can give a go.

To make personalised baby gifts even lovelier, you can design a theme for your hamper. Soft colours, cartoon characters, cute shapes…follow your own creativity as you fill the hamper with the elements that you think fit right in. Lastly, wrap it off nicely and you are all ready to present your baby hamper!

Trust MyBabyGift with the Best

It definitely requires some work to make your own baby hamper and you might not have the time to do so. If so, My Baby Gift makes gifting much easier with our elegant newborn baby gift hampers that have all the features that new parents look for, such as baby blankets, soft towels, clothing and plush toys. What’s more? All of these items are embroidered with the baby’s name, adding that special personal touch. The colour of the embroidery thread and the hamper basket can also be decided by you. You can even leave a gift card message as a lovely finishing touch! If you would like to curate the gift items, you can also do so and make the gift hamper like no other.

We understand that shopping for items and finding slots to collect them can be time-consuming. As such, My Baby Gift strives to make your shopping experience as lovely and timely as possible, just like the newborn’s arrival. Our Same Day Delivery services are made available for our baby gifts, making it truly hassle-free for you. Our premier quality and presentation makes our baby gift hampers second to none. Go check out our baby gift hampers that are always made with love, for the loved.

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