Shopping Guide When Looking for a Practical Baby Hamper Online

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience for many women and one that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Giving baby gift hampers to a first-time mother can be a wonderful way to commemorate this special occasion. If you’re looking for an alternative to flowers, this will make a wonderful option for new mothers.

Why Is a Baby Hamper a Good Gift Idea? – The Top 3 Benefits

Baby gift hampers are more practical.

It’s not only a gift for someone you don’t know well. It’s a gift for someone you love so much and care for and you want to buy them a gift which is both practical, beautiful and personal- you have to give it a lot of thought!

It enhances the significance of the gift.

Adding a personal touch such as personalisation, elevates the gift to a whole new level of significance for the recipient.

With MyBabyGift products, you can have the baby’s name and birth date embroidered free of charge on everything from soft blankets and cushions to bath towels and stuffed bunnies and other baby apparel. MyBabyGifts’ baby hampers are all elegantly packaged in an exclusive signature gift box, making it a lovely gift for the new mom and their little ones.

One-time purchase for priceless mementos.

When it comes to gifts, a baby hamper is the most cost-effective option while still looking celebratory. There’s always a baby hamper that fits within your budget. It’s now so much more convenient to purchase gifts online without needing to circle the mall. Deliver precious mementos to mum-to-be and even incorporate a personal message in a wish card. True, that some hampers cost more than a single onesie or a small baby bottle but, who can put a price to moments?

What Should You Include in a Baby Hamper?

Sending a personalised gift in the form of a hamper shows the recipient that you value their relationship with you enough to send them one. When someone gives you a gift like this, you’re giving them a feeling that will last a lifetime: one of being treasured and valued.
The best part about gift hampers is that you’re not just getting one thing, but a whole variety of cool things!

There are a variety of baby gift hampers available at MyBabyGift.

What’s in the basic MyBabyGift hampers?

  • Personalized short-sleeved baby bodysuits are available in sizes 0-3,3-6,6-12 months.T
  • The MyBabyGift Bunny
  • A personalised tiny grey towel. (Dimensions: 25x25cm)
  • Signature gift box by MyBabyGift

If you’re looking for even more personalised and unique baby gifts, MyBabyGift has a list of options that you may add to your hampers baby gift list!

Consider these useful tips for choosing the perfect baby gift hamper in Singapore for your online shopping spree.

Personality-based gifting.

Explore other options of the baby gift hamper selection before making a final decision. You might come across gift hampers that are ideal not just for the newborn but also for the mother-to-be.

If you’re a parent, consider the kind of gift you’d like to receive.

Let’s put it very simply: you’re more experienced to know what new parents need. You have an advantage of knowing what to exactly put in a baby gift hamper for new parents to appreciate. Whether it’s a toy, clothes or blankets, you’ll be doing the new parents such a huge favour by purchasing what they would use on the baby for a while. For example, some parents opt for bigger onesies because babies grow so fast or a towel that babies can use when they grow up too.

However, if this is your first time buying for expectant mothers, make sure you do your homework so you know just what to purchase! Speak to us if you’d like us to suggest what are the top bestsellers at MyBabyGift.

Baby Shower Hamper Shopping Made Easier

It might get quite tricky to shop for baby hamper gifts. Especially if you haven’t experienced parenthood or if it’s for an acquaintance or colleague you don’t know very well, you’ll want to look for gifts that look presentable yet stay within budget.

In Singapore, MyBabyGift has an array of personalised baby gift hampers. All of MyBabyGift’s baby presents are personally curated by their in-house designer, who has years of experience in the field. This will ensure that you are in good hands no matter which hampers you pick.

MyBabyGift offers FREE personalisation and FREE 2 Days delivery across Singapore, as well as Same Day delivery option in Singapore.

All of MyBabyGift’s baby gifts are also made from 100% organic cotton. Whether it’s the classic pink and blue collection or the chic black and white unisex line, MyBabyGift ensures that every item is not only beautiful but also functional and lasting, safe for newborns.

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