What To Expect During Baby Shower & What To Buy For Mum-to-Be

Baby showers are a joyous event where parents-to-be can share their happiness with their loved ones. Along with the expectant parents, baby showers usually count family, friends, and even work colleagues as the people in attendance. If this is the first time you’re attending this event, here are some things to expect from a baby shower.

What should you expect from your baby shower?

Baby showers can differ from person to person, and depending on the person who planned it, they can range from a calm meal together, or a boisterous party with guests. Regardless, here are some things that you should expect from a baby shower.

  1. Games

    To keep everyone entertained, baby showers usually include a couple of baby-related games that guests can play during the event. If guests don’t know each other, icebreaker games like a baby version of Guess Who?, where all guests bring a baby photo of themselves to the party and have them guess who is who, may be held. It’s a great way to introduce guests to each other, and it’s an adorable way to open a baby shower. During the gift opening, games like Baby Shower Bingo, where guests are given bingo cards with items to mark off as the parents open their gifts, may also be played.

  2. Speeches

    Most baby showers include a speech from a loved one or two, and can be a touching moment during the event. The couple’s parents, relatives, or close friends may be invited to give a heartfelt speech during the shower, and may share stories about the parents and give advice on what to expect once the baby comes. These speeches might turn on the waterworks, so keep a box of tissues nearby for those emotional moments.

  3. Gifts

    The bread and butter of baby showers, the expecting parents are bound to receive loads of gifts for their newborn during this event. If you’re wondering what to give as a gift, My Baby Gift’s baby shower hamper is a great choice if you’re struggling to pick something out. If you want a gift that’s a no-brainer, the My Baby Welcome Hamper contains all the essentials: a baby bodysuit, a blanket, bath towel, and even tiny little baby socks, among other things. Each item is customised with your choice of colour and embroidery, and is a helpful and thoughtful gift for mum-to-be.

What are the best baby shower gifts?

If you’ve been comparing the best baby products for weeks on end and still don’t know what to buy, here are some tips on the best baby shower gifts you can buy.

  1. Baby clothes

    Keep the new baby cute and stylish with the gift of baby clothes. People usually buy clothes that the baby can wear for the first month, but babies grow fast. Clothes for babies 3 months and up are a welcome gift, and can help them fill in the gaps when the baby grows faster than expected.

  2. Something for Mum

    While most baby shower’s gifts are for the newborn baby, it’s also good to get something for mum as she recovers from giving birth. A set of bath products can be a welcome gift for mum, by providing her an opportunity to practice some much needed self-care. With My Baby Gift’s Create Your Own Hamper gift, you can also add on some gifts for mothers like a bottle of champagne or L’occitane bath products. These add ons can make a great Mummy & Baby Hamper, as it covers the needs of both mum and baby.

  3. Keepsakes

    The journey of parenthood can go by quickly, so gifting a keepsake can help the expecting parents to remember and cherish this fleeting moment once the baby grows up. Parents will love having something that reminds them of their newborn, so keepsakes are a safe gift if you’re not sure what to get. My Baby Gift offers the Fly Away Milestone Hamper, a baby gift hamper that combines essentials like baby clothes and towels with a lovely commemorative milestone blanket to keep for years to come.

A baby shower is the best time to show your love and support for the expectant parents, so be sure to pick a gift that they’ll love. My Baby Gift offers a variety of baby shower hampers that contain gifts that aren’t just useful, but incredibly thoughtful as well. With customisable add-ons that allow you to adjust the items in the hamper with the recipient in mind, parents-to-be are sure to appreciate their baby shower hamper. Check out My Baby Gift’s carefully curated hampers now.

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