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13+ Of The Best Baby Shower Gifts You Can Get In Singapore

Recommended By E-von Yeung on 28 March 2018
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Whether it’s a baby shower for mummy or a full-month celebration for baby, you don’t have to wade through the vast sea of baby shower gifts for the perfect present.

From big gift hampers for group sharing to beautifully simple presents just to bless this young family, this baby shower gift guide ticks all the boxes – unique, practical, educational, fun, luxe, simple, affordable, and even pampers mummy, too.

Get excited with the young mum in welcoming her little bundle of joy with gifts that stand out!…

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Chic, Gender-Neutral Personalised Baby & Toddler Gifts

Recommended By Ai Sakura on May 11, 2018
Sakura Haruka | Singapore Parenting Blog

When I saw My Baby Gift’s new gender-neutral white & black collection, I screamed with delight and immediately thought of my sister and niece #auntylovesyou

Let’s be honest. Not every parent like the traditional pink or blue for their little girls/ boys because it may seem too “loud” or too stereotypical. My sister is one of them and prefers muted, cool neutrals like white and grey when shopping for my niece.

I’m usually more of a “vibrant colours” kinda person but I must admit that a neutral palette makes everything seem more stylish, chic and contemporary. Plus, when you do add bright colours as accents, it makes the colour more dramatic & pop even more! …

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My Baby Gift: Personalized Luxury Gift Boxes {+ $250 Giveaway}

Recommended ByDallas Moms Blog
on January 17, 2017
Dallas Moms Blog

That feeling when someone you know had a baby, and the acceptable time on newborn gifting is running out. But dang, you are SO swamped right now and really don’t have time to put something together on your own.

Or your dear out-of-town friend is having a baby shower, but you can’t go, and you are so bad about mailing presents from the post office. BUT you want the gift to be all wrapped up and legit when it gets to her versus, like, ye olde brown online shipping box.

Or your brother and his wife just had their first, and that’s a big deal, and your parents want to get them something memorable and special …

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My Baby Gifts – Personalised Hamper Gifts for Newborns & Older Siblings

Recommended ByAi Sakura
on March 9, 2018
Sakura Haruka

My friend’s cheeky baby boy is turning 1 soon. I’ve watched him grow up the past year and wanted to get him something really special so turned to My Baby Gifts again to order a gift hamper with items personalised just for him.

With My Baby Gift personalised items, the baby’s name {maximum 10 characters} is carefully embroidered
on the gifts, and not just “printed” or “embossed” on as some personalised gifts are… which in turn makes them more long-lasting especially after multiple washes.

We gave one to
Susu’s darling daughter, Baby J, when she was just born and were really pleased with the service and quality of the products so
immediately thought of them again when we wanted to get another personalised baby gift hamper …

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Recommended ByMarie
on 10 November 2014
Smitten by Angels

We were recently gifted a very beautiful personalised baby package for our babyboy, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Mybabygift is an online gift boutique for mummies and babies. It sells personalised, luxurious, practical and surprising gifts! The online boutique is founded and managed by an Israeli expat mummy of four who has been living in Singapore for the past 7 years. (I really salute all mum-trepreneurs out there, it really isn’t easy handling motherhood + one’s own business!) Mybabygift is first of it’s kind in Singapore and Hongkong, and it’s an absolutely unique gift concept. It specialises in personalised branded baby gifts of newborns, baby showers, first month celebrations, and more. Their products are imported from international baby designers such as Jellycat, Sophie the giraffe, Anen+anais etc.

The best part about Mybabygift is that they deliver your chosen gift package to the hospital or home- even on the same day that you’ve placed your order! How awesome is that?! 😉

Here are some photos of the beautiful personalised items found in our baby package:
This photo was taken from their website, hence the name “Liam”. For ours, the items were embroided with “Nathan”. 🙂 We were gifted the “My Baby Welcome Hamper” and it consists of …

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“Premium baby hampers that even local stars love! Our Singapore starlet, Fann Wong, has been loving the baby items
from mybabygift recently and we’re happy for her baby too!”


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My Baby Gift Singapore is proud to be mentioned by Little Steps Asia in their guide, ‘Singapore’s top websites for toys and gifts’!

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Sassy Mama’s Baby Shower Gift Guide — The Perfect Presents for New Babies


There’s nothing like a baby shower for an excuse to go shopping, and there’s nothing we love more than perusing the best of miniature goods for babies! We’ve got ideas for everyone and every budget lined up in our Sassy Mama Baby Shower Gift Guide… be it French Chic or Bling Baby, we’ve got you covered with gift-spiration to treat every new beautiful bundle!

The Ultimate Hamper


Right at the top of our Baby Shower Gift Guide List is the wondrous MyBabyGift Signature Hamper from As far as hampers go, this is gift royalty. The team at My Baby Gift expertly select and assemble bespoke hampers for bubs (and mama). By far our favourite is their Signature Hamper. This hamper includes a host of great baby gifts, including 100% organic baby shampoo, a gorgeous pony rattle, Sophie the Giraffe toy, personalised baby blanket, bodysuits, baby pillow, hooded bath towel, bib and a complimentary gift card to top it all off. Just jump on their website to snag up the baby shower gift of the year!

$330 at

my baby gift singapore on expat living may 2012

Recommended Apancakeprincess Blog on (9 November 2014)


A blue-ribboned box appeared at my door within the same day that I placed my order (Wow, talk about efficient service!), with almost every item beautifully
embroidered with the baby’s name. I couldn’t resist taking the items out to admire them before carefully arranging them all back in the box.


I felt the material myself, and it was soft and comfortable. I am sure baby Elisha and his mummy will enjoy using them! Do note that the bodysuit cutting
runs slightly smaller, so it would be best to order one size up just in case.

I also learnt that every hamper typically goes through a quality check by their staff before it is sent out, which is definitely reassuring to me as the customer.
If, for any reason, you should be dissatisfied with the product workmanship, they are very open to receiving feedback in order to maintain their high quality assurance.

So how did baby Elisha take to his loot?

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My Baby Gift – Personalized Branded Baby Gifts

Naming a baby is one of the most important decisions a new parent makes as it is believed that a child’s name contributes to success in life. A baby name has to last a lifetime, so it’s important to get a perfect fit. For us, we spent hours looking up baby names books and websites to check the origins and meanings behind the shortlisted names. Some of our friends consult parents, grandparents and or geomancy masters. All these are done in the hope that the name will bring blessings and favor to the newborn.

Considering so much thought have been put into the naming, it is no wonder that one of the favourite gifts we can bestow to the family is one that is personalised with the baby’s name.

Stylish, elegant gifts in a box

Stylish, elegant gifts in a box

Imagine our delight to receive a baby welcome hamper for Alexander by ‘MyBabyGift‘ – a Singapore-based luxurious baby gift boutique offering Personalized Premium Baby Hampers for babies and Mummies.

MyBabyGift‘ was born to fill the demand for more thoughtful and stylish baby gifts besides the usual congratulatory flower arrangements and run-of-the-mill ‘diaper cakes’. Their hampers, contemporary yet practical, are stocked with premium international brands like anen+anais, Gaia, Mothercare, Sophie the giraffe, Jellycat, Petit Beteau which Moms (and Dads) would willingly splurge on their own babies.

Shop for Baby Gifts online at MyBabyGift!

Shop for Baby Gifts online at MyBabyGift!

The most distinctive feature of ‘MyBabyGift‘ is the free personalisation service where the baby’s name can be embroidered on selected products (like bibs, bodysuits, pillows, receiving blankets, hooded towels etc.) at no additional charge! This gives the family a precious keepsake to remember for a long time.

Baby AJ's 1st personalised hamper...

Baby AJ’s 1st personalised hamper…

Love the embroidery!

Love the embroidery!

MyBabyGift‘ provides customers the option of customising the hampers for your desired recipients according to your budget and preference. After your selection has been made, the staff will match the colours, wrap everything beautifully and deliver your gift with a special greeting card attached.

Create Your Own Hamper

Create Your Own Hamper

Besides baby hampers, ‘MyBabyGift‘ carries natural organic body products for Mummies, making it a one-stop online shopping haven for baby welcome gifts. It also offers the value-added service of free delivery across Asia, so if you’re looking to send a special baby hamper to someone on this side of the world, look no further!

Alexander - Defender of Man...

Alexander – Defender of Man…